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Flexmind was founded by Brian Tancock, following on from the success of his initial venture The Advocacy Partnership.   Brian’s passion has always been about helping people and helping them find the help they need. Initially, this was by helping small psychology businesses be more visible to people and show that help was available.

It soon became clear to Brian that his other passion, addressing mental health in the workplace needed addressing in ways different to those that seemed available as nothing seemed to be even remotely seeking to tackle root causes. So when multiple psychologists asked Brian for help taking their work into education, businesses, blue-light services, health etc to a wider audience. Brian knew he had to act and Flexmind was born.

Flexmind brings together some of the best minds in psychology, wellness, business development, risk management and business and public sector leadership. Our vision is to harness the incredible energy and skills of our team, our associates and our clients to help change lives.

Our People

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Founder & Director

Brian Tancock

Brian is the Founder and Director of Flexmind. After a long career in banking both in the UK and overseas he refocused his energies to leverage his personal story in support of improved mental health. Initially, Brian founded The Advocacy Partnership working with individual psychologists to increase there reach and effectiveness but realised that something larger was different if he was to achieve the objectives that he set had for himself.

Flexmind was born and continues to focus on supporting psychologists at all stages of their careers, including those whose research and experience has given birth to innovate mental health and wellness solutions.  Brian’s passion is to change lives for individuals and their loved ones as well as working with organisations to show how they can do so much more for their employee’s mental health at the same time as providing substantial benefits to their business.


Grant Griffiths

Grant Griffiths is a director of Flexmind with over 20 years of business leadership working as a consultant, programme director, risk & governance specialist, and head of strategy with experience in the private and public sectors. Grant brings his business skills to the fore in pursuit of his passion for improved mental health in individuals as well as tackling root cause issues in organisations that impact not just their employees, but which also have major consequences for business performance.

Advisor / Consultant

Michal Baghlani

Michal Baghlani is the head psychologist and founder of Aware Psychology & Coaching in Sydney, Australia. She has worked for over 14 years in the area of employee health and wellbeing as a workplace trainer, coach and change facilitator. Michal has worked for some of Australia’s leading EAP organisations providing coaching, training facilitation, career transition services, counselling and crisis interventions. She also has extensive rehabilitation, and injury management experience, both in counselling, case management, and the assessment and treatment of complex psychological injuries and chronic pain presentations.

Michal offers individual, group counselling and coaching in Sydney as well as specialising in counselling members of the Australian Defence Force(ADF).  As a trained Resilience Coach Michal also provides coaching to individuals as well as businesses looking to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their teams.

Advisor / Consultant

Megan Prowse

Megan Prowse is a clinical psychologist in training and a fully accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapist.

Megan has worked for the NHS for many years and has a range of experience working with mental health conditions and people of all ages.  She writes about psychology, mental health and overall wellbeing in her blog.  She also speaks on wellbeing and advocates for holistic health and self-love.

Advisor / Consultant

Sylvia Bruce

My motivation is the saying: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. For me, that’s a world where it’s okay to talk about mental health, a world where we look after our mental health as we do our physical health. That way perhaps much is preventable.

I’m told I’ve quite a unique skill set:

  • A lived mental ill-health and recovery experience.
  • A long and uninterrupted successful career in financial services working in dynamic, pressurised and competitive environments.
  • I’m an integrative counsellor and a master  NLP coach
  • I’ve been a volunteer counsellor for a UK registered charity for survivors of sexual abuse and rape.
  • I’m a coach.
  • I’m a mental health activist.

This means I have a wealth of personal and professional expertise, in my capacity as an independent service provider, to innovatively bring performance and mental health together in a unique way to clients.  A skill set relevant to current ‘hot topics’ of mental health, mental health in the workplace/ education environments, improvement and betterment initiatives, performance and resilience.

Advisor / Consultant

Kellyjo Coney-Khan

Advisor / Consultant

Alison Jarvis

Alison is a senior business professional with experience of business development, legal, marcomms, and research in the UK and South East Asia. As well as having a passion for mental health and workplace wellness, Alison provides an insight into working with entrepreneurs, private and public companies, SMEs, and NGOs.

Alison is bringing her extensive commercial and practical experience of multiple and diverse organizations together with her knowledge of leadership and organizational development strategy to Flexmind’s service offering.

Advisor / Consultant

Dr Rita Konistan

Dr. Konistan specialises in child, adolescent and family mental health.  She is a graduate of Metropolitan University London and holds a PhD. in Psychology.

She is particularly interested in trauma and has worked on how trauma affects those on the front line of health and social care services.  She has also worked extensively with children and adolescents, project managing between various agencies, schools and parents, to achieve best outcomes for those she is representing.

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