Growing Psychology Businesses

Growing, scaling and reaching more people

Whilst an academic setting equips therapists with a huge variety of skills and knowledge, our experience has shown that therapists are often poorly prepared for breaking into the real world of private mental health care on their own. The challenges of establishing the business entity, understanding the regulatory and compliance related issues, and determining how best to promote their services and reach those who need them the most can be daunting.

That’s where Flexmind comes in.

Our combined industry and business knowledge gets a therapist’s practice in place and running, fast. We provide specialist business knowledge and capability to help you realise your personal and business goals. Our specialist business development professionals are focused on mental health and psychology and understand how to overcome the challenges and set you on the path for career success.

Our clients include everything from small one person businesses to large practices and centres.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to working with all clients, irrespective of needs or size, in the same way.

For clients operating multi-therapist practice centres housing large numbers of therapists we deliver and maintain critical value-added services including booking systems and revenue management systems to streamline operations and provide cost-efficient service delivery.

Why do we work like this?  Because our passion is supporting and helping those who need it in a way which is fast, efficient, easy to use, and affordable.

Growing you, Growing your clients

Supporting Therapists & their Practices

In our work, we encounter people the world over who are looking to develop a therapy business. Sometimes they have been working in hospitals or for charities, sometimes they’ve set up on their own and are looking for their first clients.  At other times we encounter functioning practices of various sizes that need help upgrading their space, people, processes, marketing and risk management efforts.

In almost all cases we find counselling professionals needing to upgrade, automate, increase efficiency and implement controls over the processes in their practice to support areas such as securing their website and online services as well as helping them address regulations, and controls over data confidentiality. These are areas frequently overlooked and if you think this isn’t something you need to worry about because it’ll never happen to you or you work the old way – with telephone, and paper-based notes, we’ll help you understand the risks and we’ll show you examples where it has gone wrong for practitioners.

When we probe a little further we also find that they were wanting to increase and stabilise income streams through a constant flow of new business.  At other times we encounter psychologists looking for conference speaking engagements, breaking out into the world of corporate training, media, or to implement new systems to increase the efficiency of their practices and client experience.  Such systems would include online booking, payment, confirmations and often secure video counselling tools.

Whatever the objectives for your mental health practice Flexmind’s business development specialists – which include peer psychologists are here to help. Our global team and network is second to none.  Whatever your needs we are equipped to be able to support you.

Taking Mental Health Products and Services to New Markets

Helping Psychologists Develop their Products and Services.

Increasingly we encounter psychologists and other therapists who have put huge amounts of effort into new and unique methods for helping prevent, manage and monitor poor mental health.  Often these therapists have made a great deal of progress but hit hurdles that stop them from achieving their full potential. Our job is to help you get beyond those constraints and get you where you need to be.

If you are a Psychologist or in a similar profession and have a product or service that needs development, funding or commercialisation we would like to hear from you.  Our consultancy and advisory team can advise you on developing your mental health products and services, marketing them and importantly manage the risks related to law, data protection, intellectual property, branding and finances. Our services also cover quality assurance, oversight and auditing, so no matter what you need, we have you covered.

We cover the end to end life cycle of a product or services development, right through to psychologists delivering your products to your clients. So whatever help you need we are here for you.  And if you only want to focus on research and development, that’s ok, we’ll do the rests right down to collecting payments from the clients for you.


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