Does your organisation support staff who come out?

Does your organisation support staff who come out?


More than ever, there is increased acceptance within society of people who decide to live their lives, identify with or express themselves in ways that aren’t traditionally the norm. But, it is still such a difficult journey for so many.

It’s is a difficult enough decision for the individual, which is further compounded by the difficulties others have with accepting their change. Society and certain segments of it in particular still have a long way to go towards those who identify as LGBT.

One of the hardest things to cope with is “coming out of the closet” to family, friends and colleagues. Being concerned and afraid of how others might react to their coming out can take a huge toll on the individual. Many have such difficulties conveying their new lifestyle and choices that it leads to feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety.

Support is available for individuals, those that care for them and their friends and employers.

Today we are pleased to share resources for those lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transexual friends coming out. They deserve support to help protect their mental health and to prevent feelings of isolation.

Get in touch with Flexmind today and find out from our business and mental health experts how you can transform your organisation to one with motivated, productive staff generating increased revenue and reduced operating cost.

Stonewall - Help & Advice On Coming Out

Support and advice from Stonewall on coming out for young peoples, parents and adults.

Mermaids - support for trans coming out

Coming out as transgender can be incredibly isolating both for the person and the family who support them. Don’t be alone, reach out to Mermaids who can put you in touch with others.

At Flexmind, we are passionate about the individuals right to choose how they want to live and ensure that our work supports all. We champion inclusivity of sex, gender, race, religion or lifestyle our work focuses on the mental health of the individual, with compassion and empathy at its core.

If you are an organisation of any kind, Flexmind can help you provide your very best support for your employees or customers who are coming out or living life in the way of their choice.  From education, to support for individuals and even to developing frameworks and reward systems that have compassion and empathy at their core. It makes sense whilst helping others, you can help your organisation achieve higher productivity and reduce costs.

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