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  • University Student

    Universities need to think twice before using an NDA

    You could be forgiven for thinking that as soon as an allegation of sexual harassment or abuse is raised within an organisation that the first call placed will be to a lawyer to get a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) put in place.

    Investigations into #metoo allegations and court cases involving organisations from legal firms to universities suggest that rather than being a last resort, NDA's are the risk management tool of choice. Gagging and cover-up, being preferable to proper
  • Flexmind Whistleblowing in Business

    Sylvia Bruce talks supportive environments in the workplace

    Flexmind's Sylvia Bruce will be speaking at Navex Global's 27th November event for Whistleblowing programme owners.

    Sylvia will help explore how the development of a supportive culture is vital to good governance, risk reduction/prevention and effective whistleblowing programmes. Sylvia will also highlight the negative role that fear and poor mental health are playing.

    Governance and regulation are a core part of running an organisation successfully. Instructions and guidance are
  • National Coming Out Day

    Does your organisation support staff who come out?

    More than ever, there is increased acceptance within society of people who decide to live their lives, identify with or express themselves in ways that aren't traditionally the norm. But, it is still such a difficult journey for so many.

    It's is a difficult enough decision for the individual, which is further compounded by the difficulties others have with accepting their change. Society and certain segments of it in particular still have a long way to go towards those who identify as
  • world mental health day

    Change how you view your employees from World Mental Health Day 2019

    On World Mental Health Day 2019, our minds turn to the toll many people's work has on their mental health. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our employers, our workplaces can often be toxic for us.

    If I were to ask you to name the things that are most important to your business, you would likely have 'people' right up there near the top. After all, you've probably invested heavily in acquiring and nurturing the right talent.

    You'll no doubt agree with me that happy teams full
  • Lets Talk About Suicide

    No one should go through a crisis alone.

    As we publish this post on World Suicide Prevention Day we are reminded of the prevalence of suicide and the stigma it continues to hold in society. Despite progress being made in terms of talking about mental health in general, there has been little movement when it comes to suicide.  As a result, too many people continue to face crisis alone

    The number of deaths due to suicide is increasing again. Some of the increase might be down to an adjustment to the threshold for inclusion in the
  • Hampshire Firefighters Mental Health

    I wouldn’t wish it on anyone – Hampshire Firefighters

    In a recent report on ITV News journalist, Mary Stanley highlighted firefighters Stu Vince & Adam Bundle of Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service and their mission to get people talking about how they feel.

    We frequently hear about the increased risks that men face of suicide and unaddressed poor mental health. Because of the conditioning that men have generally had growing up they often struggle to share their feelings. For those working in emergency services, it can be tough
  • Sexual Abuse - Universities and Organisations

    Sexual Abuse – Leaders, hiding your head in the sand won’t help

    This week the BBC ran a story on its Newsbeat site 'Ex-student sues Cambridge University over harassment complaint'.
    'A former student says she's suing the University of Cambridge over the way it dealt with her harassment complaint.
    Dani Bradford, 21, says she's taken the action because she "wants things to change for other students".

    The university upheld a complaint she made about being sent "sexualised" text messages - but Dani isn't happy with the way it handled her
  • Mental Health In The Office

    Mental Health – no longer the elephant in the room

    People manage their mental health in different ways but unlike our physical health accessing advice, getting support and the right sort of help for maintaining our mental wellness hasn’t been as simple as calling the GP for an appointment, going to the surgery, and  getting a prescription. Depression, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, stress, are conditions which can – and do – affect anyone, at any time.

    We spend most of our lives in our workplace, whether it’s in an office, a factory, out in a
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