Sylvia Bruce talks supportive environments in the workplace

Sylvia Bruce talks supportive environments in the workplace


Flexmind’s Sylvia Bruce will be speaking at Navex Global’s 27th November event for Whistleblowing programme owners.

Sylvia will help explore how the development of a supportive culture is vital to good governance, risk reduction/prevention and effective whistleblowing programmes. Sylvia will also highlight the negative role that fear and poor mental health are playing.

Governance and regulation are a core part of running an organisation successfully. Instructions and guidance are given, processes modified and controls put in place. Yet, the organisation’s workforce, vital to the implementation of initiatives such as “Whistleblowing Programmes” often continues to operate in a culture that doesn’t support the expected outcomes.

In some organisations, employees operate in toxic cultures that turn on the whistleblower and make them an outcast.

Leaders need to consider developing a workplace culture that nurtures and supports transparency and communication. Whether the whistleblowing relates to sexual harassment, misuse of power, abuse, bullying, fraud or other negative behaviours, adequate and appropriate support for both the whistleblower or victim and the alleged perpetrator(s).

Come along to “Whistleblowing in Business” to see how effective governance, people management and supportive workplace cultures go hand in hand.

Alternatively, get in touch with the team at Flexmind and find out first hand from our experts as to how we can help support you in creating an effective and supportive culture within your organisation.

At Flexmind, we are passionate about creating the supportive environments in which organisations and their people can do their best.

If you are an organisation of any kind, Flexmind can help you provide your very best support for your workforce and stakeholders.  Get in touch with us today.

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