Mental Wellness For Individuals

Looking after your Mental Wellness

Mental Health or mental wellness as its also called is something that we all have. At times we can be at the peak of our health and at other times we can be needing a little extra help to get us back on track. Just like with physical wellness, our mental wellness can be the product of how we look after ourselves (exercise, nutrition, rest), the environments that we occupy and the things that happen to us or that we experience.

At Flexmind we have one goal – to help people find the help that they need when they need it and to help people have the very best chance of achieving their goals and living the most effective lives possible.

Our team includes psychologists, counsellors, holistic therapists, coaches and people with lived experience of poor mental wellness. We are essentially people just like you.

On this page, you can find out where to find help in a crisis, help for preventing and coping with poor mental health and information on specialist subjects such as early screening for dementia.

Managing our cognitive health

Improved Cognitive Health & Early Screening For Dementia

Are you worried about your memory or that you might be at risk of developing dementia?

According to a GE healthcare report, three out of four people would want to know if they are at risk of a neurological disorder, such as dementia. Would you like to know?

An increasing percentage of the population are living with cognitive impairment, with many being diagnosed with dementia. This is a natural consequence of an increasingly ageing population as each generation lives longer than the previous one.

As many more people live with cognitive decline or dementia, more still are impacted by it affecting their loved ones. Too often people have been led to believe that there’s nothing that they can do to help delay the onset of dementia, or to improve the quality of life once a diagnosis has been made. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Although cognitive decline is traditionally associated with adults over sixty years old it can happen much earlier. Therefore, assessment is recommended to anyone particularly worried about their memory or cognitive health. In their practice, our partner uses only neuropsychological test batteries that are highly sensitive and offer considerable advantage over traditional measures.

Through thorough cognitive testing by a highly-skilled Neuropsychologist, you can gain either peace or be equipped with vital information that can help you prepare to live the fullest life possible for yourself.

If you would like to find out more about early screening for cognitive impairment for yourself, a loved one or your staff please contact in confidence today. We will arrange for you to be connected to our highly respected neuropsychologist partner.

Finding Support in a Crisis

Who can you contact for urgent help?

If you are experiencing a personal crisis, are unable to cope and need immediate support, we would urge you to see help. There is no need to go through what you are experiencing in isolation or to experience loneliness. If you are at risk of harming yourself or others, or are in imminent danger please call your local emergency services.

United Kingdom

In the UK Heads Together provide one of the best lists of support lines, including Shout Crisis Text Line, Mind, The CalmZone, The Mix, Young Minds, Contact and The Samaritans for Emergencies.

Heads Together Crisis Support Lines UK

Rest Of The World

If you are in need of help in a crisis any where in the world, one of the best resourses we have found is compiled by Lisa Williams at Happy Happy Vegan. The list is vast and is growing all the time:

Global Crisis & Suicide Support Lines
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