Resilience for individuals

Resilience for Individuals & Organisations

Resilience, whether it’s organisational or personal resilience, is all about the ability to respond positivity to adversity; in other words, it’s about managing and moving forward by developing the capabilities to improve adaptability, responsiveness and being able to move forward despite the obstacles we face in our quest for success.

Resilience is essentially a set of crucial life skills that allow a person to thrive by enabling them to achieve well-being and as research has shown is a useful form of treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Organisations that function consistently, effectively and at their peak are those which are best prepared by having the agility and readiness to adjust and manage through adverse trading and market conditions and are ultimately capable of making better decisions with more positive outcomes and longer-term sustainable benefits.

When we discuss mental health and workplace culture in an organisational setting resilience is a key component for people at all levels and across all functions. It is the differentiator between success and failure, between just reaching targets and exceeding them, and is generally a characteristic which sets apart the successful leader from the average manager.

Key elements of Resilience are Vision, Collaboration, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity and Health.

Our resilience is something that can be built on, adapted and developed at any age or at any stage in life and is a valuable life skill both in our business and our personal lives.
Enterprises – be they in the public or the private sector – looking for that extra edge invest in their people as part of a constructive drive towards improved mental wellness in the workplace. Research shows Resilience is one of the keys to building a positive mental health culture, unlocking individual potential and making the difference between achieving an acceptable level of minimum outcomes and delivering outstanding performances.

Flexmind’s certified Resilience Coaches combine years of corporate experience with formal recognition as coaching practitioners and mentors working with boards, executives, senior managers, team leaders, administrative and support staff and field operatives across a diverse range of business sectors.

We work with the world’s leading research-based, validated and accepted resilience coaching tools and methods to drive building collaboration, confidence, reasoning and
success for individuals and organisations no matter where you’re located.

Whether you are considering Resilience Coaching for select individuals, groups, teams, whole departments or the entire organisation, our services can be structured and tailored to meet your specific needs.

To understand more about Resilience and how it can positively change you, your life and your business get in touch with us for a confidential discussion and assessment.