Emergency Services

Supporting mental wellness in the emergency services

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma affect an increasing number of front line police, fire, paramedic and health services workers.

For the men and women on the frontline, the unresolved issues and traumas associated with their work often have a lasting impact on themselves, their relationships and their ability to perform at their best in a job that they love.

Flexmind provides the workplace education and support services that can support your people and those they care about, whilst supporting and often increasing their operating effectiveness.

Resilience in the workplace

Advancing despite adversity

Accessing & Developing Resilience In The Workplace

⚡ One-quarter of all employees view their jobs as the #1 stressor in their lives.

⚡ Resilience helps support a healthy & productive work environment.

You've built your organisation to be sustainable. Your people are the ones who will support you in that through their adaptability, responsiveness and the ability to move forward despite the obstacles in their way.

Are your people sufficiently prepared to deal with adversity?

Flexmind’s certified Resilience Coaches work with the world’s leading research-based, validated and accepted resilience coaching tools and methods to drive building collaboration, confidence, reasoning and success for individuals and organisations no matter where you’re located.
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