Supporting mental wellness in Start-Ups

Starting a business or being a solo entrepreneur is often said to be one of the loneliest, isolating things one can do. It is rarely an easy process as few have the stability, financial security and relationships around them to navigate the journey totally unscathed.

Even once a new business migrates from the home office, and acquires, its first additional staff, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges are frequently faced by entrepreneurs as they and their growing teams battle their way through one challenge after another.

It is at these times that the mental health of the founders and employees are at their most vulnerable.

Flexmind’s solutions for entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, small business, business incubators and co-working, hot-desking offices can help increase the chances of success for a new business.

Contact us today to find out how our mental health education, coaching, therapy and resilience services can improve the chances of a successful outcome for your business(es).

Resilience in the workplace

Advancing despite adversity

Accessing & Developing Resilience In The Workplace

⚡ One-quarter of all employees view their jobs as the #1 stressor in their lives.

⚡ Resilience helps support a healthy & productive work environment.

You've built your organisation to be sustainable. Your people are the ones who will support you in that through their adaptability, responsiveness and the ability to move forward despite the obstacles in their way.

Are your people sufficiently prepared to deal with adversity?

Flexmind’s certified Resilience Coaches work with the world’s leading research-based, validated and accepted resilience coaching tools and methods to drive building collaboration, confidence, reasoning and success for individuals and organisations no matter where you’re located.
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