Delivering unique life relevant education in schools, universities and across further education!

Using the power of education and its communities to disrupt, battle and change negative and unhealthy societal, structural and cultural norms, practices and beliefs that harm our individual and collective well-being.


We help you end sexual abuse on campus.

We offer preventative provision to address and end sexual violence on campus. We deliver talks, workshops, panel discussions and sexual health and well-being promotion for your university students.


We help you with the delivery of high quality Relationship and Sex Education.

We deliver Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) Provision packages that meet the latest governmental legislation and guidelines as well as add-on services to ease and support your school.


We help you to improve yourself, your life, your relationships.

One-to-ones, online webinars, events in the community and special programs specifically designed to help you with your personal development journey and interpersonal skills.

Sexual Abuse in Universities – Prevent before its too late

We help universities who have a responsibility and duty of care to address and prevent sexual abuse on campus by delivering specialized and truly unique services.


In the era of #metoo universities are being portrayed as being home to a rape epidemic due to the high statistical evidence showcasing the staggering and increasing numbers of reported sexual harassments, assaults and rape on campuses.

Working with our experienced and highly qualified partners we help universities that have a responsibility and duty of care by delivering specialised and truly unique educational services that aim at prevention.

Education is the best Prevention and Cure !

Preventative Provision

We provide universities with a bespoke preventative provision.
Your university can choose a package or be assisted to design a unique, bespoke package.


Our delivery can take many shapes and forms, including talks in lecture formats, interactive seminars, practical workshops, panel discussions, pop-up sexual well-being events and more.

Marketing & Promotion

We assist universities in marketing and promoting the content they have purchased for their students and staff.


Consultancy aims to assist your university in creating new or improving existing systems for reporting abuse, engaging students and more.

Our packages are designed to target the prevalent issues universities face and provide your university with the first steps to prevention of sexual abuse and violence on campus, our packages deliver unique set of talks and workshops, driving positive social change through the power of education.

  • All packages consist of well selected topics delivered in lecture formats
  • Universities can add as many seminars and workshops as they wish to their packages in order to enhance the learning experience and outcome of the delivery.
  • Our packages are unique and our services bespoke.
  • We will provide your university with a free consultation to determine how we can best accommodate and deliver on your needs.
  • We will support your university in the battle for social change and prevention of sexual abuse, rather than reaction to it is our utmost priority.

Is your school RSE ready?

In the UK the new legislation makes relationships and sex education (RSE) a compulsory requirement for all secondary schools including academies, free schools, independent schools and maintained schools. 

Working with our highly qualified, respected partners together we offer high-quality services and Relationships and Sex Education provision to schools, that deliver the learning outcomes as per the latest governmental legislation. 

Ofsted has found that although many schools have been delivering Relationship and Sex Education for years, there are a number of vital and yet very prevalent weaknesses in current RSE delivery nationwide. 

  • lack of assessment of pupil’s prior knowledge in 58% of the schools

  • nearly 50% of schools had poor leadership and management that was a result of the subject lead lacking time to monitor and evaluate their RSE provision.

  • teachers often lacked the expertise to teach sensitive or controversial issues leading to their exclusion from the curriculum

  • in 20% of schools visited teachers have had no training in providing PSHE.

  • many topics which pupils had covered, did not always lead to pupils developing the skills to apply that knowledge.

Our services include  Entry Assessment Needs, RSE Delivery, Progress Evaluation, Coaching.

Resilience in the workplace

Advancing despite adversity

Accessing & Developing Resilience In The Workplace

⚡ One-quarter of all employees view their jobs as the #1 stressor in their lives.

⚡ Resilience helps support a healthy & productive work environment.

You've built your organisation to be sustainable. Your people are the ones who will support you in that through their adaptability, responsiveness and the ability to move forward despite the obstacles in their way.

Are your people sufficiently prepared to deal with adversity?

Flexmind’s certified Resilience Coaches work with the world’s leading research-based, validated and accepted resilience coaching tools and methods to drive building collaboration, confidence, reasoning and success for individuals and organisations no matter where you’re located.
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