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Creating Supportive Workplaces

In the UK alone, around 15 out of every 100 people at work suffer from an existing mental condition. This translates to 1 out of 4 people being affected by mental health, many of whom will work in your organisation.

There are more days lost per year through mental health related illness than any other form of illness. Poor mental health contributes to significant staff and knowledge attrition. Stevenson & Farmer estimates UK business lose between £33 Billion and £42 Billion each and every year due to poor mental health.

A total of 12.8 million working days were lost because of work-related stress, anxiety and depression in 2018-19, amounting to an average of 21.2 days lost per case, official data has shown.

Identifying and tackling the root causes of poor mental health by acting to prevent adverse performance is the key to building a positive, well-functioning, and mentally healthy workplace with an embedded culture which is geared towards performance and success.

Better performing teams – and better performing organisations – exhibit greater confidence, certainty and continuity of performance in:

  • Decision-making ability and the quality of decision-making,
  • Reduction in number and frequency of workplace adjustments and interruptions,
  • Sustainable operational and strategic transparency, and
  • Bottom line financial results.

It’s about doing the right thing and delivering the bottom line.

Flexmind works across the mental health continuum by bringing together some of the UK and the world’s foremost authorities and thought leaders in mental health. Our team has expertise in the identification of causality, prevention and treatment for clients as well as business performance in the private and public sectors. Our mission is to deliver mental wellness where it’s needed – and before mental ill-health affects culture and adversely impacts performance.

Our philosophy is very much aimed at addressing the drivers of poor organisational culture and implementing solutions designed for tackling the root causes which result in poor mental health, underperformance, high absenteeism, possible presenteeism which in turn adversely affect financial performance. With decades of corporate experience, including senior roles at FTSE100 and NASDAQ listed companies, our executive engagement leaders understand the challenges and the benefits of dealing with mental health workplace and policy issues.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you in building a stronger, more resilient, successful – and more profitable – workplace.

Flexmind Training – developing a healthy workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace

 A practical approach to the identification and management of mental health in the workplace to drive improved performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Deliver a solid foundation and awareness of mental health and mental ill-health 
  • Methods for identifying signs of mental ill-health and sign-posting. 
  • Sign-posting methods and strategies for coping
  • Equip participants to nurture the development of a supportive workplace environment.

Who should attend?

  • C-suite executives, leaders and managers.
  • HR, Ombuds, Compliance, Ethics, Audit, Diversity & Inclusion, Risk, Operations  team members
  • Workforce members operating in front-line roles 


Workshop Series: Workplace Culture
Delivery: 1 Day Workshop
Option for in-house (standard)
Option for in-house (tailored)

Resilience in the workplace

Advancing despite adversity

Accessing & Developing Resilience In The Workplace

⚡ One-quarter of all employees view their jobs as the #1 stressor in their lives.

⚡ Resilience helps support a healthy & productive work environment.

You've built your organisation to be sustainable. Your people are the ones who will support you in that through their adaptability, responsiveness and the ability to move forward despite the obstacles in their way.

Are your people sufficiently prepared to deal with adversity?

Flexmind’s certified Resilience Coaches work with the world’s leading research-based, validated and accepted resilience coaching tools and methods to drive building collaboration, confidence, reasoning and success for individuals and organisations no matter where you’re located.
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